Fanfiction and tea

So… even if nobody’s gonna be reading this… I’m going to put up my first fanfic. 🙂 Nobody is gonna be keepin me from being a derp >:D

It will be on a separate page on this website/blog probably titled something simple, like “Truthful|Chapter 1.” Okay, so the title of the story overall is called “Truthful.” It’ll be about a girl (no, REALLY) who wakes up in another world (OMG so original) surrounded by pieces of fallen buildings. She finds that she is one: barely dressed, two, feeling unusually hungry, and three, having a staring contest with a dark-brown Doberman.

With those things said and the introduction established, I can safely say that this fan fiction will be a part of the “Attack on Titan” fandom.

I will also put up character data, and the pairing might be ErenXOC. :/

I’m just uncreative when it comes to pairings, so sorry (and I want dat Eren >:3).


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